Antimicrobial Technology

Your Scrubs Are Covered In Germs... - Let's Change That!

LifeThreads' scrubs are engineered with some of the most advanced technologies in the world. These innovative technologies inhibit the growth of unwanted bacteria directly on the fabric surface — and will last the useful life of the garment. LifeThreads incorporates four innovative technologies that co-exist with our soft, comfortable and stylish apparel for healthcare professionals.

LifeThreads fabrics are treated with an EPA -registered antimicrobial active ingredient and binding agents that protect the fabric from pathogens found in clinical settings while at the same time  blocking fluids and suppressing unwanted odors. LifeThreads clothing was partly inspired by the lotus leaf, which is always pristine because water and mud cannot stick to it and simply roll off its surface.

LifeThreads defeats pathogens and improves the quality of work life for healthcare professionals with our four innovative technologies:


LifeThreads fabric repels liquids - they bead up and roll off rather than soaking in. This prevents staining and lowers the frequency of laundering, lengthening the life of the garment and reducing energy and water use. Crucially, together with LifeThreads antimicrobial impregnation, this reduces soft -surface contamination.


The ultra -lightweight fabric used in all LifeThreads garments is impregnated with an EPA -registered antimicrobial agent that ruptures the cell walls of bacteria and other microbial pathogens, quickly killing them. The agent doesn't break down or leach from the fabric with repeated washing—it lasts for the garment's useful life.

In particular, LifeThreads fabric is highly effective against important pathogens like Staphy lococcusaureus (Saureus), including Methicillin-resistant Saureus (MRSA), and Escherichia coli (E coli). In every test performed, LifeThreads textiles reduce bacterial concentrations on the surface of the fabric by more than 99.9%.


LifeThreads' antimicrobial compound so blocks the reproduction cycles of fungi—much more complex than those of bacteria—that cause problems like dandruff, athlete's foot, and ringworm as well as more serious conditions like the fungal lung infection aspergillosis. Given that fungal pathogens now cause more deaths than malaria worldwide, such protection is increasingly important to healthcare environments.


LifeThreads clothing has been engineered to eliminate unwanted odors 24/7. The technology physically absorbs odor -source molecules generated from polymer oxidation, migration of external contaminants, or wearer perspiration.


How We Know It Works: Testing

This technology has been verified through more than a decade of testing by research institutions worldwide. LifeThreads is tested in accordance with the highest antimicrobial standards such as AATCC 100 and AATCC 147. Our fabric is also put through rigorous, high-level wash tests to ensure protection that will last the lifetime of the garment. What's more, we've conducted a unique Splatter Challenge Test to simulate real -world situations. LifeThreads fabric reduced bacterial concentration by 99.99% in every test performed.

How It Functions: Science

Basically, our active ingredient in LifeThreads antimicrobial treatment carries a positive charge, and bacterial cell walls carry a negative one. The bacterium is destroyed before it has a chance to reproduce. Likewise, we also prevent fungal cells from reproducing. Advanced technology now allows us to weave antimicrobial fibers directly into our fabric. These fibers are proven to prevent bacterial growth on the fabric surface.

How It's Made: Production

No harsh chemicals, no nanotechnology—those were our guidelines when we set out to develop LifeThreads. Our proprietary process completely covers fibers with an antimicrobial compound while allowing them to remain extremely soft, flexible and comfortable.

How It Lasts: Garment Care

No special handling, new protocols or training are required. All LifeThreads products can be laundered using the same protocols as for their conventional equivalents without affecting the effectiveness of their woven-in technologies.

How We Do Business: Social and Environmental Responsibility

LifeThreads is committed to manufacturing products that surpass the most stringent safety and environmental protection standards. All of our products are Oeko-Tex certified, which means that they support human ecology through bio-compatibility and the absence of harmful substances in their manufacture.