Our Story

LifeThreads is unique in several ways as a creator and seller of everyday medical apparel.

Since 2014, LifeThreads has operated as a life sciences company that originated from a simple look into the way healthcare textiles were being perceived and utilized clinically and publically. Too often, healthcare uniforms are taken for granted for what they “really” are protecting.

Our purpose from the beginning has been to make medical apparel that can give an added layer of protection, with a mission to help minimize cross-contamination and slow the spread of secondary infections. At LifeThreads, we pride ourselves on our technology, testing mechanisms, and our ability to listen and respond to the healthcare industry.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare professionals experience the highest rates of injury and illness of any occupation in the United States. Frequent exposure to body-fluid splatters and spills causes bacterial colonization of clothing, which is well known to spread pathogens. And, pathogen transmission is linked not only to worker illness but to high rates of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in patients. Every year, 1.7 million patients get HAIs. Of those, about 99,000 annually die from the infection. On top of all this suffering and death, further costs are millions of additional hospital days and billions of dollars annually. We find this situation appalling and completely unacceptable. LifeThreads was born with the goal of doing something about it.

So we have put technology first and now have incorporated fit, feel, and fashion into every inch of our fabric. That’s because we want healthcare professionals to enjoy wearing their uniforms. By incorporating these features into every collection, we can do our job, while you do yours for the lifetime of the garment.

We began in 2014 serving healthcare organizations through a rental model that gave commercial laundries an added benefit to their users. We grew organically in popularity with our end users with our soft fabric, fluid repellency, antimicrobial action.

Pretty soon, our laundry customers began hearing from the professionals who wore our clothing, asking where they could buy it. Many of those nurses, PAs, and other medical staff were communicating the same message to the administrators and managers of the facilities where they worked.

They especially loved the fluid-barrier property of our medical apparel. Instead of having to deal with patient vomit, blood, urine, or other contaminants on their scrubs or white coats, they told us in focus groups, they could end their shifts in clothing as clean as when they put it on. To them, the antimicrobial technology was a wonderful bonus—as committed healthcare providers, they liked knowing that just by wearing LifeThreads they could avoid bacterial and fungal contamination on the surface of their clothing. And to our institutional customers, of course, it’s the primary selling point.

Two years later, LifeThreads offers its products in North America, Central America, South America, and India and we are growing on a daily basis.

We intend to become and remain a leader in antimicrobial functionality, fit, and style in the healthcare apparel industry. LifeThreads has big plans and we are continually working on introducing new fabrications and making our technology even more enhanced. Try us out, join the LifeThreads Revolution today!

We invite you to take a look around and get to know us.