Scrubs join the war against HAI infections

Scrubs join the war against HAI infections

For years we have associated the doctor's coat with good health and expert medical advice. Just like any other profession, healthcare uniforms play a vital role in lending a sense of credibility and expertise to the person wearing it. In line with advancing technology, scrubs today are seeing a revolution of sorts; playing an active role in healthcare by protecting both the caregiver and the patient.

For instance, the most sought after nursing scrubs today are the fluid-barrier ones. Not only do they save doctors and nurses the trouble of using intense stain removing techniques while doing laundry, but they also protect them from infections caused by contact with contaminants such as blood, sweat, and other bodily fluids. And as a bonus fluids repel off the fabric, leaving the wearer dry at the end of a long shift.

As medical mavens continue to solve complex biological mysteries, newer challenges confound them. The latest in the line are Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) such as MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), VRE (Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci), and C. Diff. (clostridium difficile colitis). These serious diseases can get very difficult to treat due to their resistant nature and hence a preventive approach is more effective in the long run.

As the name HAI suggests, these infections are contracted within the supposedly sterile environs of hospitals and clinics. Research shows that contact with soft surfaces in a hospital like towels, linen, blankets, curtains and patient gowns, etc. may be the primary cause of such conditions. Since these fabrics are exposed to millions of infectants every day, it's practically impossible to disinfect all the surfaces. 

Thankfully, cutting-edge nursing scrubs are available today. Using advanced technology, each fiber of these scrubs is impregnated with an EPA registered anti-microbial agent that kills bacteria and other pathogens. The agent doesn't break down or leach from the fabric with repeated washing, thus retaining its effectiveness over the life of the garment.

It's a proven fact that fungal pathogen related fatalities far outnumber those caused due to malaria, worldwide. The good news is that antimicrobial scrubs are geared to dissipate the reproduction cycles of fungi, thus preventing problems such as dandruff, athlete's foot and ringworm as well as more serious conditions like the lung infection aspergillosis. 

Nursing scrubs are getting innovative with the introduction of newer threads and weaves. At this pace, we may not be very far away from smart nursing scrubs which may come with self-cleaning and self-sterilizing properties and even with intelligence to predict its lifespan. But until then, the fight against HAIs lies in preventive measures like Anti-Microbial and Fluid Resistant scrubs. 

Life Threads understands the active role played by scrubs in the healthcare of both doctors and patients. Hence, we take great efforts to ensure that all our offerings in the unisex Healthcare Uniform range offer unmatched quality at the most reasonable prices. We understand the importance of scrubs in the fight against HAIs and encourage you to check out our latest range before making a decision.