Stay Healthy - Prevent HAI Infections By Choosing Antimicrobial Medical Scrubs

Stay Healthy - Prevent HAI Infections By Choosing Antimicrobial Medical Scrubs

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are the infections that patients and health professionals acquire in a health care facility like hospitals or surgical centers or any other facilities during the treatment of other health conditions. Reasons include Cross-Contamination of Healthcare worker hands, Increased Antibiotic Resistance, Over-Prescription of antibiotics and an aging population that leads to spread of diseases across healthcare surroundings.

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) remain a significant loss on human and financial resources, that result into human suffering and high healthcare costs. Infection Control Specialists are now examining all factors that lead to the transfer of HAIs through healthcare environment and have suggested protocols to prevent HAI Infections.

The following measures have been suggested to prevent HAI infections in a Healthcare environment:

  • Hand Hygiene:

To Follow and promote hand hygiene includes a number of factors at the personal and system level that would provide safety environment for patients and Health care faculties. 

Following simple activities like Proper and regular hand washing, using Hand Gloves etc have proved to be major success factor for lowering the chances of spread of infections that would otherwise be very costly to manage and would be fatal and very dangerous. 

  • Environmental Cleanliness: 

The healthcare ecosystem around a patient carries variety of bacteria and germs that are produced due to infected injuries, skin and health issues etc. Reports suggest that many times the healthcare professionals are infected due to contact of common surfaces that are near to the patients. Not using hand gloves increases the chances of contamination by 50%. Medical equipment should be regularly disinfected when using between different patients. Using disposable single use syringes helps prevent cross-infection amongst different patients. Hospitals need to ensure strict compliance of the housekeeping staff for cleaning and sterilization procedures, especially in the area of patient care that are commonly touched such as bed rails, carts, door handles etc.

  • Healthcare Uniforms :

     One of the most important and often neglected processes is taking efficient care of Uniforms or Nursing scrubs. The role of Scrubs in Health Services is often overlooked.

Apart from providing a distinguished identity to nurses and health professionals, nursing scrubs play an important role in medical services, allowing better safeguards for the user. Best Nursing Scrubs help stop the spread of bacteria and viruses in health settings. This is necessary for both the patients who are facing a higher risk of infections during their treatment and for the health professional themselves who are in daily contact with different pathogens and viruses. Anti Microbial Scrubs help prevent cross contamination and reduce the infections by 40%. Antimicrobial Scrubs are the best selling nursing uniforms on sale.

Proper care needs to be taken for the Medical Scrubs to prevent HAI Infections.

  1. Scrubs should be changed before moving out of the healthcare environments to prevent any contamination with external people.
  2. The Scrubs need to be washed on a daily basis post usage. As per recent reports, many professionals do not have their scrubs washed for upto a week. This increases the chances of catching or transferring infections to oneself or other patients and contact persons.
  3. During washing of scrubs they should be washed separately than other clothes and should at least be washed twice once with cold water and later with warm water to remove any bacteria and contaminations.
  4. It is always recommended to use antimicrobial scrubs to avoid any cross contaminations and infections due to bacteria.