Your Medical Scrubs are Covered in Germs, Let’s Change That with Antimicrobial Scrubs

Your Medical Scrubs are Covered in Germs, Let’s Change That with Antimicrobial Scrubs

In preventing Hospital Acquired Infections, most people know the value of washing hands and sterilizing medical equipment, however often we overlook hospital medical textiles which have a high probability of spreading pathogens. In a recent study conducted by Dr Gonzolo Bearman (Associate Lecturer of Internal Medicine – Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine), proved that usage of antimicrobial scrubs helps in reducing bacteria exist on the apparel of healthcare worker. 

Manufacturers utilize various methods to make medical scrubs antimicrobial. Some would add an active antibacterial agent into cloth fibers. The antibacterial agent attaches to the fibers and destroys bacteria present on the fabric. Certain agents aim bacteria particularly, while some aim bacterial proteins. Certain fix to the bacterial DNA and makes hard for the bacteria to reproduce and spread.

Certain manufacturers use natural elements such as silver ions or organic agents which prevents bacteria contamination. These active antimicrobials destroy bacteria immediately when it comes to contact and avoid it from being spread. Certain manufacturers also utilize fluid resistant technologies which help in preventing bacteria-rich liquids to soak in the scrub. 


Dr Bearman wanted to look for easily sustainable and implementable methods to decrease the risk. He also added that using antimicrobial scrubs helps to prevent existing infections. It also decreases the chances of acquiring infections from the hospital. The apparel would limit the cross spread of pathogens.

Less Wear and Tear: The best part of antimicrobial treatment is it strengthens the quality of the fabric and increases the garment's life. You may be paying extra for these scrubs but they last longer and work better hence are worth the extra cost.

Odor Reduction: As most odors are caused due to bacteria, you would notice reduced odor with antimicrobial scrubs.

Readily Available: They are readily available and simple to purchase online. Antimicrobial scrubs are manufactured by well-known and reputed companies like LifeThreads. LifeThreads medical garments are embedded with registered antimicrobial agents which rupture the bacteria's cell walls. The fabric of these Antimicrobial scrubs is designed to kill microbes and pathogens. The antimicrobial agent does not leach out or separate from the fabric over washes. These Antimicrobial scrubs are highly effective against significant pathogens such as E-Coli (Escherichia coli), MRSA (Methicillin-resistant S Aureus) and S Aureus (Staphylococcus Aureus).