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Your Scrubs Are Covered In Germs- Let's Change That!

LifeThreads' scrubs are engineered with some of the most advanced technologies in the world. These innovative technologies inhibit the growth of unwanted bacteria directly on the fabric surface — and will last the useful life of the garment. LifeThreads incorporates four innovative technologies that co-exist with our soft, comfortable and stylish apparel for healthcare professionals. Li..+ Read More

LifeThreads Textiles: An Innovative Approach to Fighting Healthcare-associated Infections

LifeThreads® LLC is a life sciences company focused on infection control in clinical healthcare settings with the mission of positively impacting healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Medical professionals have been wearing the same clothing for years with few cosmetic changes such as colors and patterns. LifeThreads is challenging the status quo by offering value, style and comfort coupled with protection above all. LifeThreads manufactures and distributes first of its kind high performance medical scrubs that are antimicrobial, antifungal, fluid barrier and anti-odor. Our textiles are a natural fit for healthcare settings, where patients and healthcare workers represent a high risk for cross-contamination.

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