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Fashion Meets Function

At LifeThreads, we know it's more than a uniform. We are giving you the uniform you deserve by building a premium scrub with technical features and tailored designs made to flatter. When you look good, you feel good.

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HCA Healthcare
Baptist Health
Mercy Health
Northwell Health

Our Fabric Technology


To protect clothing from contamination and staining our fabric is engineered to repel fluids. Our fabric protector forms an invisible shield against stains, and bodily fluids. Liquids easily bead up and roll off the garment avoiding the need for instant cleaning or laundering and more importantly avoiding contact with dangerous bodily fluids. This also lowers the frequency of launderings, lengthening the life of the garment and reducing energy and water use.


Our ultra-lightweight fabric used in all LifeThreads garments is impregnated with an EPA -registered antimicrobial agent that ruptures the cell walls of bacteria and other microbial pathogens, quickly killing them. The agent doesn't break down or leach from the fabric with repeated washing-it lasts for the garment's useful life.


Our proprietary compounds block the reproduction cycles of fungi, a complex problem that causes dandruff, athlete's foot, and ringworm as well as more serious conditions like the fungal lung infection aspergillosis. Given that fungal pathogens now cause more deaths than malaria worldwide, such protection is increasingly important to healthcare staff.

Who We Are

At our core, LifeThreads was founded on providing the modern professional with modern uniform. We believe in empowering and outfitting everyone that gives and cares every single day.

Inspired by the lotus leaf which is always pristine because mud and water cannot stick to it, LifeThreads are crafted with our proprietary technology, high end fabrics, and thoughtful details because you deserve the best.