Is LifeThreads safe to wear?
All garments produced by the company use EPA-registered additives and are completely safe for all users of the company’s products. The company’s products adhere strictly to the OEKO-TEX® standard.


How does LifeThreads products eliminate harmful pathogens and bacteria?
Life Threads products are treated with an EPA-registered, antimicrobial additive that is embedded into the textile during the manufacturing phase. It protects the treated fabric and attacks bacteria’s ability to reproduce and absorb nutrients which eventually leads to elimination of the bacteria.


How long does the protection last?
The antimicrobial additive has an efficacy that lasts over the life of the product through multiple industrial launderings.


Do LifeThreads products require any special handling or treatment?
No. There is no special handling, protocols or training required for the use of these products. All Life Threads garments can be washed at home or industrially laundered using the same protocols as their conventional equivalents.


How should I care for my LifeThreads uniforms?

washing Normal Washing, no special treatment necessary.
drying Normal Drying, no special treatment necessary

LifeThreads products may be laundered in a residential or commercial setting


Disclaimer: Studies to evaluate reduction in infection have not been performed on LifeThreads products. The EPA has not reviewed these results for healthcare claims.

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