LifeThreads antimicrobial products are more reliable, durable, safer and less expensive than the alternatives. All LifeThreads textiles are treated with a EPA registered antimicrobial agent. - Cost effective - Safe - Adheres to any fabric - Compatible with all detergents

LifeThreads antimicrobial protection lasts the lifetime of the garment as the active ingredient is impregnated to the fibers of the product.

LifeThreads products have advanced technical properties such as antimicrobial technology and fluid barrier technology. LifeThreads products are more cost effective, can be washed with any detergent and can withstand more than 100 industrial washes.

All of LifeThreads products have been tested in independent laboratories across the world using international testing protocols. Please contact us for further information and test results.

Please contact us.

Once bacteria come into contact with the treated fabrics, the active ingredients attack the ability to reproduce and absorb nutrients, which eventually leads to elimination.

LifeThreads (www.life-threads.com) is a life sciences company that manufactures and distributes professional medical apparel which are protected from harmful pathogens found within institutional medical environments.

LifeThreads products are protected against harmful bacteria which may cause healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) such as staphylococcus – including MRSA – and E coli.

LifeThreads products are treated with zinc pyrithione, an EPA-registered, antimicrobial additive that is embedded into the textile during the manufacturing phase. It protects the treated fabric and attacks bacteria’s ability to reproduce and absorb nutrients which eventually leads to elimination of the bacteria.

The antimicrobial additive has an efficacy that lasts over the life of the product through multiple industrial launderings.

All of LifeThreads' products are extremely durable, comfortable and fashionable. The products compare favorably in cost in contrast to other solutions in the market.

Not at all. In fact, customer feedback indicates that our products’ comfort factor ranks higher than competitors’ products.

LifeThread manufactures antimicrobial and fluid resistant scrubs for the medical, dental and animal health markets

No. There is no special handling, protocols or training required for the use of these products. All LifeThreads garments can be washed at home or industrially laundered using the same protocols as their conventional equivalents.

LifeThreads is headquartered in New York City.

ALifeThreads’ manufacturing facility is ISO 9000-certified.

The garments produced by the company, and the EPA-registered additives used in manufacturing, are completely safe for our employees and for all users of the company’s products. The company’s products adhere strictly to the OEKO-TEX® standard.

LifeThreads' founder Karan Jhunjhunwala, age 28, is a dynamic, successful and accomplished business executive who has solid experience in multiple fields including private equity, business development and financial services. Prior to founding LifeThreads, he served for four years as a senior analyst at Sunrise Capital Partners, a private equity and consulting firm that manages global investments in private debt, senior secured lending, technology, health care, real estate-related securities and corporate services.

Institutional sales are handled out of LifeThreads' corporate headquarters in New York City. The company is also marketing its products in the Northeast and Florida through specialty retail stores that sell medical garments and online via web merchants.

Yes. LifeThreads has partnered with PureTex Solutions (www.puretexsolutions.com), a commercial laundry and linen services company based in Orlando. PureTex Solutions is offering the entire LifeThreads product line, on a rental basis, to its healthcare insititutional clients including hospitals, clinics and surgery centers.

Disclaimer: Studies to evaluate reduction in infection have not been performed on LifeThreads products. The EPA has not reviewed these results for healthcare claims.