Officially launched in 2015, LifeThreads got started with the common goal of reinventing the uniform to be unrivaled in functionality, but also aspiration in style.

A little bit about us.

Our Story

Integrating innovative technologies that inhibit the unwanted bacteria to co-exist with soft, stretchy, and stylish apparel for our healthcare professionals has been our mission from day 1.

We want runway-worthy trends to inspire our designs because, after all, no medical professional should settle for anything less. Boxy, uncomfortable uniforms without any hint of style weigh us down. Like any other profession, it’s extremely vital you feel confident and expressive every day. We believe in working hard and dressing well.

Why we do what we do.

Our Mission

Every hero needs a cape — we’re giving them the uniform they deserve by building a premium lifestyle brand that consists of tailored designs made to flatter. Our belief is when you look good, you’ll feel good and do good.

Uniforms of tomorrow, available today.

What You Wear Matters

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