Get off the usual blues Colorful scrubs to differentiate your work profile

Get off the usual blues Colorful scrubs to differentiate your work profile

Colors bring vibrancy into our beautiful lives and the same is true of medical practitioners. Increasingly doctors and nurses are moving away from conventional medical uniforms which were just limited to white or off-white. But hospitals and clinics are increasingly expanding the scope and range of colors of medical scrubs. 

Several major hospital chains are now adopting Color by Department programs which help easily distinguish different departments catering to varied processes in one medical facility. 

Color scrubs for your work profile - 

Blue Scrubs

Blue scrubs are the most prominent choices people make in the medical profession. Under blue medical scrubs, the color options available are royal blue scrub top, navy blue nursing scrubs, ceil blue scrub pants and caribbean blue scrubs. The blue color is associated with the feeling of calm and serenity hence they bring about tranquillity and peace.

Purple scrubs

Purple scrubs are the second most common color scrubs, after blue. Pink and Purple work simultaneously as a medical scrub choice. Different shades that people prefer under these are wine colored scrubs, blooming violet, sweet purple and teal colored scrubs. It deciphers as a royal color that represents wisdom and wealth. The color pink is a feminine color that is accustomed to compassion, kindness, softness and having a nurturing outlook towards the patients. Paediatric wings will often choose pink as the department scrub for these properties. 

Green Scrubs

The green color is calming and soothing to the eye, it gives a holistic feeling. It has been long associated with fertility and also helps in healing. Green scrubs are common these days and as a color it's known to be stress relieving. A popular green is Hunter Green for scrubs. 

Black and White

These are the neutral colors for medical scrubs; there are pewter scrub sets, white scrub tops and special black scrubs for men and women. These colors have different importance in different cultures. 

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