Women's Medical Scrubs - Keeping Women Health Professional at Great Ease

Women's Medical Scrubs - Keeping Women Health Professional at Great Ease

Uniforms for medical professionals have undergone significant changes in the last few years. With high-end technology, super comfortable fabrics and modern fits, Women's Medical Scrubs have gradually turned into a fashion forward lifestyle choice.

Here’s what women medical practitioners are most excited about:

  • Tailored to Fit

Traditionally scrubs for women were available in a single color or fit. However, recent innovation in the medical apparel industry has focused on design and comfort of women’s medical scrubs which are now available in a range of designs and sizes to fit all bodies. 

  • Lifestyle Styling

Medical Scrubs as a uniform focus now on ease and utility. High tech fabrics with stretch enable women to wear their medical scrubs all day comfortably. 

Women's Medical Scrubs come in styles such as cargo pants that lead to greater utility and ease. The scrubs are to be worn by practitioners throughout the day hence comfort and utility is critical.

  • Odor Control Technology

Another feature that sets high-quality medical scrubs apart from the rest is odor control technology. Medical practitioners stay in their scrubs for 12 or 24 hour shifts without a moment to spare – keeping them feeling fresh is important. New Women's Medical Scrubs are engineered with odor control and moisture wicking technology that keeps the odor at bay, 24/7.

  • Anti-microbial Technology

Medical textiles as the next barrier against HAIs is yet another way medical institutions and practitioners can take care of their patients. Newer  Women's Medical Scrubs come layered with anti-microbial technology which work to prevent the spread of harmful infections.

  • Scrubs Repel Liquid

And now, for the most interesting feature - the scrub fabric repels liquid which beads up rather than getting soaked in. This feature stops easy staining and increases the garment life due to reduced laundering.

Final Words

Women's Medical Scrubs feature utility designs such as pockets, zips and are layered with the latest in technology  - the LifeThreads medical scrubs are truly at the cutting edge of utility and fashion for the medical industry.

Nursing Scrubs for the usability of women professionals and their diversity

Nursing Scrubs for the usability of women professionals and their diversity

There was a time when Nursing Scrubs were merely functional in nature. Thankfully there has been tremendous progress in the style and utility of medical uniforms and scrubs. Nursing scrubs are now available in a wide range of prints and colors – as per the choice of the wearer.Some companies also offer themed 

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Latest Fashion and Technology Embedded in Medical Scrubs, the LifeThreads Revolution!

Latest Fashion and Technology Embedded in Medical Scrubs, the LifeThreads Revolution!

Historically medical scrub tops and pants were a regular boring uniform used by nursing professionals. It was available in solid colors with a boxy fit.

Thankfully in recent years, nursing uniforms have completely changed and look fashionable, trendy, and urban and promises a flattering and comfortable fit. As nursing scrubs now come with a modern twist, they are popularly referred to as fashion scrubs.

Hospital Administrators are increasingly valuing fashion, comfort and technology when purchaseing nursing scrubs for your hospital staff. These scrub tops are simple to wear and do not require much maintenance. Fashion scrubs are the best choice as they come in enticing colors, tailored cuts and complementing patterns. These scrubs are highly sought after because of they unique and stylish features.

How to select the best nursing scrubs?

Fashionable nursing scrubs provide perfect usability and utility to the user.  It is recommended to buy scrubs online as you can choose from a wide range of styles, colors, and fits. Medical professionals now have a wide range of products to choose from and can easily purchase a scrub that perfectly fit one's body shape.


LifeThreads is a leading supplier of medical scrubs, cotton scrubs, nursing uniforms and lab coats for men and women. LifeThreads fabrics are layered with advanced technology for your protection and come in a variety of fashionable colours and cuts to suit every body type and every group’s needs. Choose LifeThreads.com to buy scrubs online!

Your Medical Scrubs are Covered in Germs, Let’s Change That with Antimicrobial Scrubs

Your Medical Scrubs are Covered in Germs, Let’s Change That with Antimicrobial Scrubs

In preventing Hospital Acquired Infections, most people know the value of washing hands and sterilizing medical equipment, however often we overlook hospital medical textiles which have a high probability of spreading pathogens. In a recent study conducted by Dr Gonzolo Bearman (Associate Lecturer of Internal Medicine – Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine), proved that usage of antimicrobial scrubs helps in reducing bacteria exist on the apparel of healthcare worker. 

Manufacturers utilize various methods to make medical scrubs antimicrobial. Some would add an active antibacterial agent into cloth fibers. The antibacterial agent attaches to the fibers and destroys bacteria present on the fabric. Certain agents aim bacteria particularly, while some aim bacterial proteins. Certain fix to the bacterial DNA and makes hard for the bacteria to reproduce and spread.

Certain manufacturers use natural elements such as silver ions or organic agents which prevents bacteria contamination. These active antimicrobials destroy bacteria immediately when it comes to contact and avoid it from being spread. Certain manufacturers also utilize fluid resistant technologies which help in preventing bacteria-rich liquids to soak in the scrub. 


Dr Bearman wanted to look for easily sustainable and implementable methods to decrease the risk. He also added that using antimicrobial scrubs helps to prevent existing infections. It also decreases the chances of acquiring infections from the hospital. The apparel would limit the cross spread of pathogens.

Less Wear and Tear: The best part of antimicrobial treatment is it strengthens the quality of the fabric and increases the garment's life. You may be paying extra for these scrubs but they last longer and work better hence are worth the extra cost.

Odor Reduction: As most odors are caused due to bacteria, you would notice reduced odor with antimicrobial scrubs.

Readily Available: They are readily available and simple to purchase online. Antimicrobial scrubs are manufactured by well-known and reputed companies like LifeThreads. LifeThreads medical garments are embedded with registered antimicrobial agents which rupture the bacteria's cell walls. The fabric of these Antimicrobial scrubs is designed to kill microbes and pathogens. The antimicrobial agent does not leach out or separate from the fabric over washes. These Antimicrobial scrubs are highly effective against significant pathogens such as E-Coli (Escherichia coli), MRSA (Methicillin-resistant S Aureus) and S Aureus (Staphylococcus Aureus).

History of Medical Scrubs

History of Medical Scrubs

Medical scrubs were introduced in the twentieth century as a means to step up cleanliness in healthcare services. That raises the question, what did medical professionals use to maintain cleanliness before the emergence of these scrubs. We will explore the details right here!

The Origin of the Medical Scrubs

Today any medical uniform consisting of short-sleeved shirts and drawstring pants is called a scrub. The uniform acquired its name quite simply because of the fact it was initially worn by medical personnel in the scrubbed environment.

Before medical scrubs came into the picture, surgeons performed surgeries in their street clothes with an apron or cover on them in order to keep their clothes clean. It was during the year 1918 when a flu pandemic struck and the doctors started wearing masks – more for their own protection rather than their patient’s protection from infection.

Medical scrubs, however, first came to be used in the 1940s as medical professionals became more aware of the risks of wound infections. This was also the time that the need for having separate sanitary operating rooms was felt more intensely than before! In fact, by this time, the antiseptic technique was regularly deployed in operation suites to prevent the spread of pathogens and infections.

The Evolution of Medical Scrubs

These scrubs initially were available in the form of gowns or drapes that covered the medical surgeon, while they were performing surgeries.

In the 1950s and 1960s, they were used regularly in operating rooms. It was during this time that they were crafted from white fabric, which displayed cleanliness. However, with the passage of time white gave way to the blues, greens, and pinks. Why? You may ask! It’s because of the white color against the bright light started straining the medical staff’s eyes. Some of the immediate benefits of the other shades were:

  • They minimized eye fatigue
  • Made blood stains less obvious
  • Paved the way for a high-contrast working environment

By the 1970s green surgical scrubs almost became a standard and became the basis of the modern non-surgical scrubs that are donned by healthcare staff in the hospitals. Today, the majority of medical staff are required to wear medical scrubs whenever they are rendering services in a clean environment. The hospitals generally end up leasing or owning surgical scrubs because of sterility issues. Both women and men’s medical scrubs are crafted from durable fabric that absorbs bodily fluids and blood with equal ease. Now medical scrubs are available in a variety of colors and fits as the original green scrubs did not leave any room to distinguish among different patient care departments, patient care personnel, and support staff.  

Final words

Today, both men and women’s medical scrubs come in a variety of styles, fits and colours ranging from short-sleeve shirts, V-necks, wrap tops etc. Pants are largely drawstring pants for comfort. These scrubs also include gowns and jackets. Physicians often wear their own clothes with a white lab coat if they are not performing surgeries or any other procedure including blood or other bodily fluids.  But for Nurses and other support staff, medical scrubs has become a standard uniform.