Tips For Washing Your Medical Scrubs
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Every Healthcare Professional is required to know the importance of keeping their uniforms clean and sanitized after we
Antimicrobial Medical Scrubs are The Latest Front
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Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) is a growing concern among health care professionals and patients. Around 4% of pati
Stay Healthy - Prevent HAI Infections By Choosing
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Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are the infections that patients and health professionals acquire in a health c
Factors To Consider While Buying Scrubs Online
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Medical professionals today have extremely hectic schedules; long working hours and multiple shifts, they do not get th
Get off the usual blues Colorful scrubs to differ
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Colors bring vibrancy into our beautiful lives and the same is true of medical practitioners. Increasingly doctors and
Scrubs join the war against HAI infections
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For years we have associated the doctor's coat with good health and expert medical advice. Just like any other professi
The future of antimicrobial scrubs - How they wor
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Most people think that it's only patients that require protection from any infections in hospitals and other medical fa
Women's Medical Scrubs - Keeping Women Health Pro
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Uniforms for medical professionals have undergone significant changes in the last few years. With high-end technology,
Nursing Scrubs for the usability of women profess
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There was a time when Nursing Scrubs were merely functional in nature. Thankfully there has been tremendous progress in the style and utility of medical uniforms and scrubs. Nursing scrubs are now available in a wide range of prints and colors – as per the choice of the wearer.Some companies also offer themed 

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