Tips For Washing Your Medical Scrubs

Tips For Washing Your Medical Scrubs

Every Healthcare Professional is required to know the importance of keeping their uniforms clean and sanitized after wearing them for work. While the cleaning is not limited to removing the stains on the scrubs, it also requires sanitization by removal of all dirt and bacteria that is present on the uniform. This is required to avoid infections and contamination of diseases personally and to avoid diseases from spreading to family members and co-workers. It is recommended to avoid the purchase of cheap scrub pants as they would be worn out easily. One can purchase Cargo scrub pants that are long-lasting and comfortable. Stretch Scrub Pants and Tops are also recommended for daily use.

Unlike regular apparel, washing medical scrubs require special care and instructions. They need to be disinfected and reconditioned before wearing them at the workplace. This cleaning requires a regular routine and is recommended to be executed on a daily basis. Below are a few tips to wash your medical scrubs daily:

  1. Always have the medical scrubs washed separately and do not mix them with other apparel. This would help to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and germs from the scrubs to other clothing items.
  2. Always have all the scrubs pre-treated in a mixture of cold water and some vinegar before actually washing them. This will ensure the better conditions of the scrubs.
  3. If there are stains on your scrubs whether it is Women's medical scrub pants or stretch scrub tops, it is advised to use stain remover for removal of these stains. There are also stretch scrub pants and stretch scrub tops available with a fluid repellent that helps to prevent stains and requires the lower frequency of laundering,
  4. Once the above step is completed, one can turn the scrubs inside out and start preparing for its first wash cycle. As mentioned above it is to be washed with cold water and regular detergent. Post the completion of the cycle, check if any stains are still needed to be removed.
  5. Post the first wash with cold water, the next cycle is recommended with hot water and color-safe bleach. This would help to remove any stain that was not removed from the previous wash.
  6. Post the washing process initially with cold water and later with hot water, Drying is recommended for at least 30 minutes with the highest heating setting.
  7. It is recommended to have the uniforms ironed before actual use. This is required to ensure the elimination of any further bacteria or germs.

Following these simple steps would help to completely sanitize scrubs and help prevent the diseases for the healthcare professionals and also the people in regular contact with them 

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