The Future of Antimicrobial Scrubs - How They Work?

The future of antimicrobial scrubs - How they work?

Most people think that it's only patients that require protection from any infections in hospitals and other medical facilities; however, doctors and nurses are equally vulnerable to infections in large hospitals and small clinics. 

Medical practitioners as part of their daily rounds tend to be in contact with several patients a day and as they wear the same scrubs for the entire day have a higher chances of getting infected with microbes settling on their scrubs and passing infections on to other patients and medical practitioners. Hospitals and medical facilities are now increasingly switching to medical scrubs made antimicrobial scrub technology to keep patients as well as medical professionals safe from any type of infection. 

Just like washing and sanitizing hands has become standard in hospitals, Antimicrobial scrubs and uniforms will also become the new standard in health and safety.

Benefits of Antimicrobial scrubs - 

Antimicrobial scrub technology has benefited medical facilities world-over in their quest to safeguard their team members and keep them safe and healthy.

Over the years, healthcare uniforms have gone through several changes not just in the purpose they serve but also in the way different colored uniforms as an identification color for every department also make the patients and departments process easier. Hospitals are increasingly adopting Color by Department programs. 

Working of Antimicrobial scrubs - 

Antimicrobial technology is layered onto scrubs fabrics to create a barrier or layer against the microbes. 

The antimicrobial elements in the fabrics attached to the DNA of the microbes making it almost impossible for the microbes to multiply. Different materials fabric have different kinds of effect on microbes but they all work with the motive of killing microbes and not letting the, spread. 

Antimicrobial technology is a fluid barrier technology that is resistant to absorbing liquid without compromising on the touch and feelof the clothing worn. This tremendously helps to reduce the absorption of harmful microbes attaching itself to microbial scrubs. The main aim of these scrubs is to eliminate the contact of microbes and spread of any contagious diseases or any odor-causing material.

What’s in it for medical practitioners?

Antimicrobial scrubs are made with the technology to reduce the harmful effects of the bacteria that  spread in medical facilities. But the first priority is always self-care and self-hygiene. Antimicrobial scrubs have shown excellent results in many lab studies and now this technology is gaining a lot of appreciation from medical practitioners globally as a necessary standard to help provide a more efficient working environment in reducing Hospital Acquired Infections and  keeping medical practitioners and patients safe and healthy.